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Istanbul is supremely exotic, warmly welcoming, and quite unique – after all, where else can you tour Europe and Asia on the very same afternoon? Must sees include Haghia Sophia, decorated in 30 million tiny mosaic tiles, the greatest church in Christendom for 1000 years, then a mosque and now a museum; and Topkapi, palace of sultans, complete with harem quarters. And of course shopping in the Grand Bazaar, a medieval version of a mall, for unusual gifts to take home, stopping along the way in a café for a cup of Turkish coffee or mint tea.


Canakkale was long a crucial point in the defense of the Dardanelles. Today the port hosts stylish yachts stopping over during pleasure cruises through the straits. But the big stories are still of two wars: the battle of Gallipoli during WWI, and the Trojan War, perhaps three millennia earlier. Once the stuff of mythology, archaeological excavations at Troy have brought life to Homer’s Iliad, and the tale of the beautiful Helen, fought over by outsized warriors like Hercules, and won of course by means of the Trojan horse, a phrase now so common in our language that it has made its way into techno speak.


Mykonos is living proof that picture postcard destinations do exist. Its many charms include its iconic windmills, fabulous beaches, and an irresistible traditional town with a maze of twisting streets and alleys originally designed to confuse marauding pirates. Dazzling sunlight reflects off of whitewashed houses and hundreds of small chapels. Other adornments include shaded courtyards and balconies lush with flowers, and a lively nightlife that some claim is the best in Europe. Nearby you can visit the uninhabited island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo, fittingly the god of sunlight, music and beauty.


There is no missing the Monastery of St. John, a massive dark fortress atop a hill, standing out against the traditional white houses of the village of Hora that surround it. It was constructed in the late 11th century to honor St. John the Divine, who is said to have had his apocalyptic vision while in Patmos, leading him to write the Book of Revelation. The monastery is a warren of interconnecting courtyards, arcades, galleries, and roof terraces. There are lovely chapels, some with 12th century frescoes; the treasury exhibits an impressive array of art; and the library contains a wealth of historic texts.

Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

Sure, we could chat about the resort town of Kusadasi and its beaches and restaurants, or nearby places like Dilek Peninsula National Park, but let’s talk Turkey: The star attraction in this neck of the woods is Ephesus. Once the second largest city in the Roman Empire, eclipsed only by Rome, here are just a few of the incredible sights just waiting to be gobbled up! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) There’s the Library of Celsus, still magnificent almost 2,000 years later; the Odeon, home of our “Ephesus: Back to Ancient Times” AzAmazing Evenings eventSM; and the 24,000-capacity Great Theatre, where St. Paul used to preach. Stretching from this jaw-dropping amphitheatre to the harbor is the marble-made Arcadian Street. Stroll past the marketplaces, colonnades, and fields of wild fennel, and into bath complexes that once offered piped-in hot water and a sauna.


Rhodes, the friendliest city in the Mediterranean, welcomes you with seemingly eternal sunshine thanks to more sunny days than any other place in Europe. Situated at the island’s most northern point, Rhodes’ only neighbors on the east and west are gleaming blue seas. This sunny retreat is also home to many historic sites ranging from the ruins of the Temple of Venus to the medieval Street of Knights.

Agios Nikolaos - Crete

Known for having “three faces to the sea”, this port on Crete’s east coast seamlessly blends the charm of a small fishing village with the glamor of a chic resort town. With a diverse range of dining, shopping, and nightlife options, you can find your own personal paradise in Agios Nikolaos. At the center of town sits Lake Voulismeni, the deep waters of which have inspired many a local folk tale. Here you’ll find residents and visitors chatting over coffee, sipping ouzo at authentic tarvernas, or savoring lunch at a fine dining restaurant. For a taste of the beach life, you wont have to travel far. Several beaches are just a short walk from the town center and they are popular hangouts for fashionable young Greeks.


On the northwest side of Crete rests the old Venetian port of Chania, the second largest city on the island. Inhabited since the Neolithic era, Chania is a modern city built over the ruins of the ancient city of Kydonia. Stroll through the old city and see how it has been touched by the intersection of diverse civilizations throughout history, with a mixture of Greek, Venetian, and Ottoman influences on every corner: Minoan ruins, Byzantine churches, and impressive frescos. The Archaeological Museum of Chania houses an extensive collection of Minoan and Roman artifacts, and with replicas of ships dating back to the Bronze Age, the Naval Museum is a great way to explore the ages of Chania.

Nafplion, Greece

Nafplio is a coastal city located in the Peloponnese in Greece that is the capital of the regional unit of Argolis and an important touristic destination.

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

You could spend a lifetime in Europe’s oldest city and still not see everything it has to offer. Settled over 3,500 years ago, Athens is like a mythological crossroads of the past and present, where modern buildings share the skyline with spectacular ruins like the Parthenon. To see a veritable “greatest hits” line-up, make your way to Vasilissis Amalias Street for the archaeological walk. Winding through the heart of the ancient city, the route leads to landmarks like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Agora, Arch of Hadrian, and of course, the Acropolis.

Step aboard the new Azamara Onward℠, and arrive at the doorstep of the globe’s most hidden gems and storied cities. Built to cross oceans, cruise along scenic waterways and dock at locations larger ships can’t access — this small ship cruising experience is unlike any other.

Throughout your journey, you’ll find so many ways to immerse yourself in your travels. Our thoughtfully-planned itineraries feature more extended stays, more overnights, and unique night touring, giving you more time for what matters — experiencing the history, arts, cuisine, and local customs that make each port memorable.

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Azamara ships are designed to meet your every need, no matter where you’re going. That’s why our list of onboard amenities is almost as far-reaching as the locations we visit. Discover a world of flavors at our specialty restaurants, recharge and relax at our state-of-the-art spa and fitness center, and take in nightly on-board entertainment, from signature shows, comedy nights, and unforgettable events.

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