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Dover, England

Dover, England

Dover ligger ved den Engelske Kanal. Byen er kendt for sine hvide kalkklinter og borgen, Dover Castle. Der findes mange attraktioner i byen som også byder på flotte naturomgivelser.

Portland, England

Portland Island and the resort town of Weymouth are connected by a 5-mile (8 km) long neck of white sand known as Chesil Beach. Renowned as the finest example of a barrier-type beach in Europe, Chesil Beach was formed 10,000 years ago as glaciers receded and sea levels rose.The rugged coastline of Dorset and the many attractions in the area are what make Weymouth such a popular vacation destination. The Old Harbour of Weymouth is an excellent Georgian-style harbor and one of the prettiest in Europe. It bustles with activity from large catamarans, fishing boats and yachts. Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park displays over 1,000 incredible sea creatures including sea turtles, crabs, octopuses and sharks. The nearby Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens is an impressive walled garden set in 20 acres (8 hectares) of woodland. Portland Island offers stunning views across the Chesil Beach, Portland Harbour, Fleet Lagoon and Weymouth. The little egret, once a rare bird in Britain, is now regularly seen along these shores.

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Cobh, Cork

The port town of Cobh is located just 15 miles from Cork, the capital of Ireland’s southern region. Some of Ireland’s more famous landmarks are located in this part of the country, including Blarney Castle, famous for many legends, most notably the magical Blarney Stone. Some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in Europe is found west of Cork, with lyrical names to match the picturesque valleys, mountains and coasts.Cork, a city with a heritage reaching into antiquity, is nevertheless modern, well-organized, and well aware of its role as the second city of the Irish Republic. Built on a marsh, and interlaced with winding canals and rivers, the city is divided into two parts, with well-patterned architectural development incorporating the best of the old with the new.

Fishguard, Wales, United Kingdom

Fishguard’s name in Welsh is Abergwaun, meaning the mouth of the River Gwaun. The English name comes from an Old Norse word for a fish trap, and indeed the community has profited from catching and drying herring for centuries. It has remained remarkably unchanged physically over the years. The waterfront has a traditional feel like many others in Pembrokeshire. At first glance, nothing would indicate that this is the site of the last invasion of Britain by a foreign power. But a bicentenary stone recalls the day in 1797 when 1400 French revolutionary troops landed here, only to be routed by the local folk, including a heroic woman shoemaker named Jemima Nicholas, who rounded up more than a dozen dismayed invaders while armed with a pitchfork. A large tapestry depicting the struggle is on display in the Fishguard Town Hall. The surrounding South Wales countryside is dotted with medieval castles, some impressive, such as Pembroke and Picton Castles, and others little more than scenically sited ruins. Cardigan also has a notable garden called Dyffryn Fernant, and St. David’s boasts an impressive early cathedral and a Bishop’s Palace. Prehistoric Pembrokeshire is represented by the Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber, a massive dolmen with an intact 15-ton capstone made of the same type of rock that formed the inner sanctum of Stonehenge.

Douglas, Isle of Man

Douglas er beliggende på Isle of Man og byen har været øens hovedstad siden 1863. Havnefronten er beklædt med maleriske hoteller og restauranter og shoppingmulighederne er mange. I hele sommerperioden kan man tage med den hestetrukne sporvogn langs strandpromenaden.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland’s largest urban area is situated on Ireland’s eastern coast. To the northwest, the city is flanked by hills, including Cavehill, thought to be Jonathan Swift’s inspiration for his novel, “Gulliver’s Travels.” Belfast’s location is ideal for the shipbuilding industry that once made it famous. The Titanic was built here in 1912, at the largest shipyard in the world. Until the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 was reached, the worst of Ireland’s “troubles” was experienced in Belfast, which suffered almost half the conflict’s resulting deaths. Since that time, however, Belfast’s city center has emerged into an attractive pedestrian-oriented environment with street musicians and the like, and a revitalized river front.

Rothesay, Isle of Bute, Skotland

Rothesay, standing along the Firth of Clyde, presents the visitor with a combination of illustrious gardens and grand architecture. The magnificent ruins of Rothesay Castle, which date from the 13th century, are what most people visualize when they think of a medieval castle. With a drawbridge, encircling moat, immense circular curtain wall and tall stone towers, Rothesay is unique in Scotland for its circular plan. The ruins of St Blane’s Chapel, a 6th century monastery, sit atop a hill with views over the Sound of Bute. For true elegance, visit the country estate of Mount Stuart House with its colonnaded Marble Hall and extraordinary Marble Chapel. Built in the late 1870’s in the Gothic Revivalist style, it was constructed of reddish-brown stone and houses a library of 25,000 books.The Ardencraig Gardens, sitting atop Canada Hill, feature a walled garden and exotic aviary. Ascog Hall Fernery, located on the grounds of a baronial-style house from 1844, is a beautiful garden with the oldest ferns in Britain.

Oban, UK

Oban is a small town on the west coast of Scotland. The site began as a small fishing outpost and has been occupied as such for literally thousands of years. Rural in its roots, the modern-day village of Oban grew around the famed whisky distillery founded in 1794. Renowned for its 14-year-old malt whisky, the Oban distillery has become a tourist attraction, drawing many visitors to the area. The quiet, rural feel of Oban is responsible for the abundance of wildlife within the town boundaries. Here grey seals can be spotted swimming in the harbor or resting along the shore. A wide variety of land and seabirds are found throughout the area. On occasion dolphins and river otters also visit. A beautiful balance exists between this small town and the natural environment surrounding it, where the sounds of nature mingle with the melody of the streets.

Ullapool, Skotland

Ullapool er en landsby med omkring 1.500 indbyggere i det skotske højland. På trods af sin beskedne størrelse er det den største bygd i mange kilometer og en vigtig havn og turistdestination. Der er mange flotte vandreruter langs floden, hvor du kan suge til dig af byens charmerende omgivelser. Strandpromenaden er fantastisk at slentre langs og se bådene lægge til i havnen. Bakkerne og dalene er hjemsted for mange hjorte og den ikoniske og mægtige kronhjort. Om vinteren kan rådyrene findes lavt og endda på vejene. Du kan være heldig at se både hav- og kongeørne svæve over bjergene. Besøg Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve og oplev et af de ældste landskaber i Europa. Skotlands historie om ældgamle oceaner, store ørkener og iskapper og styrtende kontinenter fortælles gennem poesi, skulptur og interaktive udstillinger.

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Newhaven, Edinburgh, England

Newhaven, about two miles north of the Edinburgh city center on the Firth of Forth, is an historic harbor from which to visit Scotland’s stately capital. Once an important fishing and shipbuilding community, Newhaven is a conservation area with unique vernacular architecture using a forestair to access a house’s first floor living area, above a ground floor traditionally used for storing nets. The town’s Victoria Primary School is the oldest operating primary school in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is perennially listed among the most attractive and interesting cities in Europe. Its patrician skyline bristles with steeples and spires between the Castle Rock and Carlton Hill. Both the Old Town and New Town are inscribed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The city’s seven hills guard an immensely rich heritage of architectural and historic buildings, districts and streets to delight visitors. Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile and the Princes Street Gardens area are world-renowned. The noble Scottish National Parliament, City Chambers, Law Courts and Scottish National Gallery are equally prestigious sights. A university city, Edinburgh nurtures a vibrant arts and cultural community, a spirited nightlife and a burgeoning culinary scene. A year-round agenda of celebrated festivals add further appeal for visitors.

Newcastle, Tyne, England

Newcastle upon Tyne, clinging to the north bank of the River Tyne, grew around the Roman settlement Pons Aelius and was named after the castle built here in 1080 by William the Conqueror’s eldest son, Robert Curthose. The port developed in the 16th century, quickly becoming one of the world’s largest shipbuilding centers. Newcastle harbors a spirited mix of heritage and urban sophistication. Among its ultra-modern structures, is the beautiful refined curve of the Gateshead Millennium suspension bridge, one of seven major bridges that cross The Tyne. The modern reflective, spherical-profile of the Sage Gateshead Concert Hall contrasts greatly with the distinguished vertical columns of the traditional-style Theatre Royal, located in Grainger Town, the historic center of Newcastle.

Great Yarmouth, England, United Kingdom
Dover, England

Dover, England

Dover ligger ved den Engelske Kanal. Byen er kendt for sine hvide kalkklinter og borgen, Dover Castle. Der findes mange attraktioner i byen som også byder på flotte naturomgivelser.

Træd ombord på Seabourn Sojourn, et skib fra Seabourn Cruise Line, der repræsenterer udsøgt luksus og eventyr til søs. Søsat i 2010, er dette krydstogtskib synonymt med førsteklasses krydstogter og rejser til de mest fortryllende destinationer verden over. Med en stolt historie inden for luksuskrydstogter er Seabourn Sojourn det perfekte valg for rejsende, der søger enestående oplevelser og uovertruffen komfort.

Størrelse og Kapacitet:
Med sin imponerende bruttotonnage og kapacitet til at imødekomme kræsne rejsende er Seabourn Sojourn et af de mest rummelige og komfortable skibe til søs. Dets omfattende dæk og elegante interiør giver masser af plads til at udforske verden med stil og elegance.

Faciliteter og Aktiviteter:
Seabourn Sojourn er fyldt med faciliteter og aktiviteter, der appellerer til rejsende i alle aldre. Slap af ved poolen, deltag i spændende udflugter, eller nyd foredrag og workshops om spændende emner. Det moderne spa- og fitnesscenter giver mulighed for velvære og træning, mens shoppingmuligheder og hyggelige biblioteker er perfekte til afslapning.

Krydstoget ombord på Seabourn Sojourn byder på enestående kulinariske oplevelser. Fra fine spisesteder med gourmetretter til mere afslappede caféer, serveres lækre retter med udsigt over det endeløse hav og de smukke destinationer, du besøger. Uanset din smag, vil du blive forkælet kulinarisk.

Kahytter og Indkvartering:
Seabourn Sojourn tilbyder en bred vifte af luksuriøse kahytter og suiter, hver med moderne bekvemmeligheder og stilfuld indretning. Vælg mellem kahytter med panoramaudsigt eller suiter med private balkoner for at nyde den storslåede natur og havudsigten.

Underholdning og Shows:
Aftener ombord på Seabourn Sojourn er fyldt med underholdning og shows, herunder teaterforestillinger, musikoptrædener og elegante loungeområder. Du kan også besøge kasinoet eller deltage i sociale begivenheder for uforglemmelige aftener på havet.

Seabourn Sojourn er mere end et krydstogtskib; det er en portal til luksus, eventyr og uforglemmelige øjeblikke til søs. Uanset om du er en erfaren krydstogtrejsende eller ny i krydstogtverdenen, vil Seabourn Sojourn give dig en rejse, du vil værdsætte for livet.

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