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Dover (London), England

Crossing the English Channel from continental Europe to Great Britain, the first view of England is the milky-white strip of land called the White Cliffs of Dover. As you get closer, the coastline unfolds before you in all its striking beauty. White chalk cliffs with streaks of black flint rise straight from the sea to a height of 350’ (110 m).Numerous archaeological finds reveal people were present in the area during the Stone Age. Yet the first record of Dover is from Romans, who valued its close proximity to the mainland. A mere 21 miles (33 km) separate Dover from the closest point in France. A Roman-built lighthouse in the area is the tallest Roman structure still standing in Britain. The remains of a Roman villa with the only preserved Roman wall mural outside of Italy are another unique survivor from ancient times which make Dover one of a kind.

Til havs
Invergordon, Scotland

Invergordon, the port for Inverness, is located in the northern part of Scotland on the Moray Firth. The quaint town of Inverness has reminders of such historical figures as St. Columba, Mary Queen of Scots, and Oliver Cromwell. Its attractions include a 17th-century clock tower, part of a fort erected by Cromwell’s army and the 19th-century cathedral. Regarded as the “Capital of the Highlands,” the town holds many traditional Scottish events each summer.


Lerwick, Britain’s most northerly town, and is a small, bustling, cosmopolitan seaport with a population of over 7,000 people and fine architecture. Shetland Museum, located on Hay’s Dock, is an award- winning attraction. Discover the island’s many secrets through its exhibits, and take a look in the boat shed, where you can see demonstrations of traditional boat building. Also of interest is the stone-walled town hall, built in 1884, displaying an impressive array of beautifully intricate stained glass. Towering St. Magnus Cathedral, constructed in 1863, is likewise well worth a visit.People have lived and prospered here since Neolithic times. The site of Clickimin Broch, a hollow-stone-walled structure, was a Late Bronze Age farmstead of the 7th century BCE. Historic Fort Charlotte, built in 1653, is a five-sided fortress, with cannon batteries pointing out to sea. The Shetland Textile Museum, with its fine weaving, and the quaint Crofters Museum will detail life in a much gentler time. The name Lerwick is derived from Norse and means ‘bay of clay.’

Til havs
Djupivogur, Iceland

Djúpivogur is a very small, quaint town of some 456 people, located in East Iceland in Berufjörður fjord. Towering, pyramid-shaped Mount Búlandstindur dominates the landscape, rising to 3,510’ (1,069 m). It is a place of unspoiled nature, with quiet lagoons and a tranquil harbor populated by colorful fishing boats. The area is well-known for the diversity of birdlife, especially in nearby Búlandsnes Bird Sanctuary where most of Iceland’s bird species can be observed.Time seems to flow more slowly here, because the residents have chosen a much different lifestyle, enriched with opportunities to observe their natural surroundings. Djúpivogur is a creative community, displaying its local arts and crafts in workshops and galleries. The Eggs of Merry Bay, ‘Eggin í Gleðivík,’ is a large outdoor art installation by renowned Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðmundsson. It consists of 34 large sculpted stone eggs representing the 34 bird species found in the vicinity. Located only a kilometre from the town center, it makes an easy and pleasant stroll along the shore.

Heimaey, Westman Islands, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland

Warmed by the Gulf Stream as well as by highly active thermal hot springs and volcanoes, Iceland is somewhat misnamed. While it is a stark and barren country with three huge areas of glaciers, one theory is that early Norsemen sought to mislead other potential settlers by giving a pleasant name to fierce, inhospitable Greenland, and a forbidding name to the imminently habitable Iceland. Irish monks and hermits established themselves here in the 8th century, but left a century later when the pagan Norsemen arrived. Europe’s first Parliament of General Assembly, the Althing, was established in the year 930 and still functions as the legislative body, although it was suspended by the Danes at the end of the 18th century and not reconvened until 1843. Reykjavik was the site picked by the island’s first permanent resident, Ingolfur Arnarson in 874, and is home to more than half of the island’s total population. The world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik is proud of its virtual lack of air pollution. Both electrical power and home heating are derived from the geothermal activity on the island. The city’s large swimming pools are always warm, and in the countryside exotic fruits such as grapes and bananas are cultivated in greenhouses made cozy with the help of underground hot springs.

Træd ombord på Seabourn Sojourn, et skib fra Seabourn Cruise Line, der repræsenterer udsøgt luksus og eventyr til søs. Søsat i 2010, er dette krydstogtskib synonymt med førsteklasses krydstogter og rejser til de mest fortryllende destinationer verden over. Med en stolt historie inden for luksuskrydstogter er Seabourn Sojourn det perfekte valg for rejsende, der søger enestående oplevelser og uovertruffen komfort.

Størrelse og Kapacitet:
Med sin imponerende bruttotonnage og kapacitet til at imødekomme kræsne rejsende er Seabourn Sojourn et af de mest rummelige og komfortable skibe til søs. Dets omfattende dæk og elegante interiør giver masser af plads til at udforske verden med stil og elegance.

Faciliteter og Aktiviteter:
Seabourn Sojourn er fyldt med faciliteter og aktiviteter, der appellerer til rejsende i alle aldre. Slap af ved poolen, deltag i spændende udflugter, eller nyd foredrag og workshops om spændende emner. Det moderne spa- og fitnesscenter giver mulighed for velvære og træning, mens shoppingmuligheder og hyggelige biblioteker er perfekte til afslapning.

Krydstoget ombord på Seabourn Sojourn byder på enestående kulinariske oplevelser. Fra fine spisesteder med gourmetretter til mere afslappede caféer, serveres lækre retter med udsigt over det endeløse hav og de smukke destinationer, du besøger. Uanset din smag, vil du blive forkælet kulinarisk.

Kahytter og Indkvartering:
Seabourn Sojourn tilbyder en bred vifte af luksuriøse kahytter og suiter, hver med moderne bekvemmeligheder og stilfuld indretning. Vælg mellem kahytter med panoramaudsigt eller suiter med private balkoner for at nyde den storslåede natur og havudsigten.

Underholdning og Shows:
Aftener ombord på Seabourn Sojourn er fyldt med underholdning og shows, herunder teaterforestillinger, musikoptrædener og elegante loungeområder. Du kan også besøge kasinoet eller deltage i sociale begivenheder for uforglemmelige aftener på havet.

Seabourn Sojourn er mere end et krydstogtskib; det er en portal til luksus, eventyr og uforglemmelige øjeblikke til søs. Uanset om du er en erfaren krydstogtrejsende eller ny i krydstogtverdenen, vil Seabourn Sojourn give dig en rejse, du vil værdsætte for livet.

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