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Benoa, Bali, Indonesien

Benoa er endnu en pragtfuld oase i Bali på den sydlige halvø. Benoa er en farverig og afslappet feriedestination. Hvad enten du foretrækker at slænge dig på de gyldne sandstrande eller opleve den spændende kultur, vil du elske at være i Benoa. Denne charmerende lille fiskerlandsby kan prale af traditionelle stråtækte hustage, en venlig lokalbefolkning og betagende naturlig skønhed.

Til havs
Baubau, Butung, Indonesia

Baubau is a city in Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The city is located on the southwest coast of Buton island. Baubau attained city status on 21 June 2001, based on Indonesian Law Number 13, for the year 2001.

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Ternate, Indonesia

Ternate is the largest city in the Indonesian province of North Maluku and an island in the Maluku Islands. It was the capital of the former Sultanate of Ternate and de facto provincial capital of North Maluku before Sofifi on the nearby coast of Halmahera became the capital in 2010.

Bitung, Indonesien

Bitung is the busy port for Manado on the island of Sulawesi. Like other Indonesian ports, it’s interesting just to see what sorts of ships turn up in the port. The narrow strait between Bitung and the island of Lembeh is famous for its colorful sea life, particularly smaller species such as nudibranchs, miniature seahorses and so forth. Manado has ample evidence of its Dutch colonial history, but many visitors are drawn to the remarkable nature preserves such as Tangkoko, where achingly cute, saucer-eyed tarsiers and endangered crested black macaques are the main attractions, along with toucan hornbills. The village of Airmadidi has remarkable carved stone sarcophagi dating from the pre-Christian Minahasan culture.

Til havs
Til havs
Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is a small island about 200 miles southeast of Manila. Its shape is akin to a dumbbell or a dog-bone, and the narrow strip in the middle is rimmed with two of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The name of White Beach, on the western side, is almost an understatement. It is vividly white and the shallow water offshore shines a candy blue. Add lush coco palms and other tropical vegetation, and a burgeoning community of upscale resorts, restaurants and shops, and you have a prescription for relaxation and aquatic recreation. At other spots around the island, surprise! More beaches.

Manila, Filippinerne

Manila er hovedstaden i Filippinerne, og er landets vigtigste havneby. Der findes beviser for at mennesker har boet i områet omkring Manila i mindst 5000 år, men byen blev først officielt stiftet i 1500-tallet. I dag er Manila en moderne storby, med alt hvad dertil hører. Byen er fuld af templer, kirker, museer, parker og shoppingcentre, og man kan selvfølgelig også finde markeder, bazarer og en kinesisk bydel.

Manila, Filippinerne

Manila er hovedstaden i Filippinerne, og er landets vigtigste havneby. Der findes beviser for at mennesker har boet i områet omkring Manila i mindst 5000 år, men byen blev først officielt stiftet i 1500-tallet. I dag er Manila en moderne storby, med alt hvad dertil hører. Byen er fuld af templer, kirker, museer, parker og shoppingcentre, og man kan selvfølgelig også finde markeder, bazarer og en kinesisk bydel.

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Visit the Dutch colonial Old City of Zuoying, or enjoy the scenic seafront at Sizihwan and see the pesky Formosan rock macaques at the Shoushan Monkey Mountain nature park.

Til havs
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Denne spændende by byder dig på lidt af hvert. Gå på opdagelse blandt de spændende seværdigheder som Victoria Peak, Man Mo Temple og sidst men ikke mindst bør du også besøge Herbal markedet, hvor du får tilbud, som du ikke kan sige nej til. Oplev en by, der er fuld af modsætninger. Der er alt fra de fattigste boligblokke til de flotteste højhuse. Mød dette sjov mix af asiatiske og vestlige kulturer i en by, du aldrig vil kunne få nok af at udforske.

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Magong, Taiwan
Keelung, Taiwan, China

Keelung is the second largest port in Taiwan, and a booming trade industry has turned it into a very prosperous city and international seaport. However, the main reason for calling here is to travel inland to visit the contemporary metropolis of Taipei. Not long ago, the scenic valley of the Tanshui River was home to rice and vegetable farmers, but today it is the site of Taiwan’s bustling center of culture, commerce and government.

Ishigaki, Japan

Ishigaki er en japansk ø 300 kilometer nordøst for Taiwan. Øen har lange sandstrande, krystalklart vand og frodige bjerge. Nyd solen, vandet og den fantastiske natur, når krydstogtskibet lægger til.

Naha, Japan

Okinawa’s capital was heavily damaged during World War II. Its most famous landmark, the Chinese-style Shuri Castle, is a reconstruction, but well worth visiting, especially its impressive Shureimon gate, a UNESCO Heritage Site. Just nearby, a couple of relic sites remain: the stone houses and cobbled walkways of the Shrikinjocho Stone-Path Road, and the tranquil Shikina-en Garden. The Okinawa Prefecture Museum and Art Museum reveals a great deal of the local history. Okinawa has long been famous for a distinctive style of ceramic wares, which are still made in Naha’s Tsuboya neighborhood. Visit the Tsuboya Pottery Museum to earn about the craft, then stroll the shops along Yachimun Street to pick up some examples as souvenirs.

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Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju (Cheju) Island is a volcanic island, dominated by Halla-san (Halla Mountain), a volcano 6,398 feet high and the tallest mountain in South Korea. The island was created entirely from volcanic eruptions approximately 2 million years ago. Because of the relative isolation of the island, the people of Jeju have developed a culture and language that are distinct from those of mainland Korea. The most distinct cultural artifact is the ubiquitous dol hareubang (“stone grandfather”) carved from a block of lava. Jeju translates to “Island of the Gods” and lives up to its name with beautiful beaches, waterfalls and volcanic rock formations.

Busan, Sydkorea

Den førende handelshavn, som støder op til det koreanske stræde og Japan, gør Busan til en international storby – men det er byens smukke havudsigt, som gør Busan til et henrivende sted at slappe af. Oplev Beomeosa templets sindsro, besøg Busan Tower i Yongdusan Park og prøv det foryngende Hushimchung spa.


Kitakyushu is the northernmost city on Japan’s Kyushu Island. Kokura Castle is surrounded by Katsuyama Park, known for its spring cherry blossoms. Riverwalk Kitakyushu is a shopping mall by the Murasaki River. Northeast, Moji Port Retro Area has 1900s buildings, like the red-brick Moji Customs Building and striped Old Mitsui OSK Line Building. Vintage locomotives are displayed at the Kyushu Railway History Museum.

Takamatsu, Japan

Takamatsu is located on Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands, in the Kagawa Prefecture on the Seto Inland Sea. During the Edo period, it was famous for its seaside castle, one of the few with a moat utilizing seawater. The castle was destroyed during the Meiji period, and today the so-called Sunport waterfront project has substituted the Symbol Tower, Takamatsu’s tallest building, for the castle tower that once graced its flag. Long an important port for Japan, Takamatsu was nearly destroyed in 1945 by Allied incendiary bombing. A portion of the famous castle, including foundations and part of the wall, still strand on the city-center park, and there are plans to reconstruct more of it. The Ritsurin Koen garden, first built in the Edo period, survives, and makes a welcome oasis in the city, with a folk museum, rest houses and a tranquil tearoom among lakes, hills and groves of cherry trees that bloom in the spring and flame into color in the autumn. The Shikoku Mura is an open-air museum with traditional buildings gathered from all over Shikoku on display. The Yashima area boasts an Isamu Noguchi Museum dedicated to the late designer, artist and sculptor, with several traditional buildings he relocated and used as work spaces and galleries, along with many finished and unfinished sculptures. There is also a lovely Yashima Temple halfway up the mountain, and at the top, an observation deck with breathtaking views of the city and port.

Kobe, Japan

Kobe has been an important port city for many centuries, and was one of the first Japanese ports to be opened to foreign trade in the late Edo Period. Today, Kobe is one of Japan’s ten largest cities. Sustaining heavy damage from the devastating Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995, the city has fully recovered, and remains one of Japan’s more cosmopolitan cities. A typical Japanese harbor town, foreign culture was introduced here centuries ago, and Kobe’s food and architecture posses a diverse and exotic flavor.

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Shimizu, Japan

Sprawling, semi-rural Shimizu Ward is dominated by forested coastal mountains, with hiking trails and ropeway rides to dramatic viewpoints above Suruga Bay. Miho Beach Park is popular for swimming and water sports in summer, and there are baseball and soccer fields nearby, plus an aquarium at the Marine Science Center. Busy fisheries supply sushi bars and seafood markets with local specialties like sakura shrimp.

Yokohama, Japan

Træd ombord på Seabourn Quest, et skib fra Seabourn Cruise Line, der tilbyder enestående luksus og eventyr til søs. Dette elegante krydstogtskib blev søsat i 2011 og er blevet et ikon inden for premium-krydstogtindustrien. Seabourn Quest er kendt for sin dedikation til at levere uforglemmelige krydstogtoplevelser og tage rejsende med på rejser til nogle af verdens mest fascinerende destinationer.

Størrelse og Kapacitet:
Med en imponerende bruttotonnage og kapacitet til at imødekomme kræsne rejsende, er Seabourn Quest et skib, der giver masser af plads til at udforske verden med elegance og stil. De veludstyrede dæk og rummelige interiører gør det til den perfekte base for at opdage nye steder.

Faciliteter og Aktiviteter:
Seabourn Quest er fyldt med faciliteter og aktiviteter designet til at tilfredsstille rejsendes ønsker og behov. Du kan slappe af ved poolen, deltage i spændende udflugter, lytte til inspirerende foredrag og nyde luksuriøse spa-behandlinger. Uanset om du søger eventyr eller afslapning, er der noget for alle.

Skibets restauranter er stolte af at levere en førsteklasses kulinarisk oplevelse. Fra fine spisesteder til mere afslappede indstillinger vil dine smagsløg blive forkælet med udsøgte retter fra hele verden. Nyd måltider med udsigt over det åbne hav og de smukke destinationer, du besøger.

Kahytter og Indkvartering:
Seabourn Quest tilbyder luksuriøse kahytter og suiter, hver med moderne bekvemmeligheder og stilfuld indretning. Vælg mellem kahytter med havudsigt eller suiter med private balkoner for at nyde den smukke natur og havudsigten.

Underholdning og Shows:
Aftener ombord på Seabourn Quest byder på en række underholdningsmuligheder, herunder musikalske optrædener, teaterforestillinger og elegante loungeområder. Du kan også besøge kasinoet eller deltage i sociale arrangementer for at skabe uforglemmelige minder.

Seabourn Quest er mere end et krydstogtskib; det er en portal til luksus, eventyr og uforglemmelige øjeblikke til søs. Uanset om du er en erfaren krydstogtrejsende eller ny i krydstogtverdenen, vil Seabourn Quest give dig en rejse, du vil huske for livet.

Mariners Patio Bar
Patio Grill
Patio Lounge
Sky Bar
The Colonnade
The Grill (burgers & hot dogs)
The Restaurant
The Restaurant 2

Internet Cafe

9-hole Mini Golf
Card Room
Water Sports Marina

Greenhouse Spa & Salon
Swimming Pool

Living Room
Shopping Gallery

Fitness Center
Wellness Centre

Entertainment Team
Gaming Club Casino


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