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Papeete, Fransk Polynesien

Papeete er hovedstaden i Fransk Polynesien, og ligger på Tahiti. På Tahiti kan du slappe af på de unikke sorte sandstrande og nyde de frodige regnskove og floder.

Raiatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia

The second-largest of the Society Islands is practically twinned with its neighbor Taha’a. Actually they are connected by a reef in the same lagoon and may have been one island in the past. The main town, Uturoa is where most of the population lives. It’s lively, although no competition for Tahiti. Called the Sacred Island, Raiatea’s name means “bright sky,” and it was probably the first human community in the islands. The ancient sacred site of Taputapuatea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and may have been the place from which Polynesian migrations to Hawaii, the Cook Islands, New Zealand and the rest of the South Pacific started. Although less touristed than Tahiti, caring for visitors has grown in importance. Agriculture is mainly given over to coconuts, pineapples and vanilla. Vanilla orchids are hand-pollinated, since Raiatea has no insect pollinators for vanilla blossoms. South Seas pearls are farmed in the lagoon in various colors. A hike up Mt. Tapioi rewards with stunning views of the lagoon and sea, and tall Bora Bora on the far horizon. Another favorite hike leads to the island’s three waterfalls. The tallest peak, Mt. Temehani, is the place to look for the unique, five-petaled Tiare Apetahi flowers that grow nowhere else. The lagoon is dotted with tiny motus, which are mostly coral sand beach, and are popular for castaway swimming and snorkeling adventures.

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Aitutaki, Cook Øerne
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Alofi, Niue

Alofi is the capital of the Pacific Ocean island nation of Niue. With a population of 597 in 2017, Alofi has the distinction of being the second smallest national capital city in terms of population. It consists of the two villages: Alofi North and Alofi South where the government headquarters are located.

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Cross International Dateline
Apia, Samoa

A total of sixteen islands comprise the Samoas, considered to be the heart of Polynesia. It was from these islands that early Polynesians sailed to populate other Pacific Islands. Today this chain of islands is divided into two political units – the U.S. Territory of American Samoa and the independent country of Western Samoa. Much of the charm of the Samoas lies in the simple village life and the friendly people, combined with a striking landscape of soaring mountain peaks, rugged coastlines, white sandy beaches and tropical rainforests rich in flowering plants. Western Samoa consists of a total of nine islands with the two main ones, Savi’i and Upolo, separated by a narrow strait. The country’s capital Apia, resembling an old South Seas port during the early trading days, perches on the north coast of Upolo. Colonial-style wooden buildings and churches line the tree-shaded main street that curves around the harbor. The primary attractions include Parliament House, the village green, Independence Monument and the former home of Robert Louis Stevenson, now the residence of Western Samoa’s head of state. A trip around the island passes mile after mile of stunning landscape, interspersed with tumbling waterfalls, breathtaking views, tiny villages, and coconut and cocoa plantations.

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vava’u is really a group of islands in the northern part of Tonga, consisting of the large island of Utu Vava’u and a cluster of some forty smaller islands. Utu Vava’u is blessed with one of the most protected harbors in the South Pacific, dubbed the Port of Refuge by a grateful early mariner, making it a favorite of yachtsmen. The capital of Neiafu is located on that harbor. The islands are all coral, either raised limestone or atolls. Polynesian mythology insists that the land was created by the god Maui, who hooked the sea bottom while fishing and raised it up. Gazing at the islands popping above the crystal-clear, azure tinted seas, it seems a logical conclusion. The town of Neiafu reflects the laid-back Polynesian spirit of Tonga. Its white church is central to the town. If you are lucky enough to be there when the choir is singing you will hear the clear harmonic blend that has made the Polynesians renowned as singers throughout the world. Activities center on the clear sea and coral reefs, with snorkeling and fishing among the most popular. The fjord-like Pulepulekai Channel is a great place for a lagoon cruise. The island also boasts Ene’io, Tonga’s only Botanical Gardens, and farms producing pineapples and world-famous vanilla. The island does have a progressive coconut products company that produces oil, soaps, cheese, and various other products in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Taiohae, Fransk Polynesien

Taiohae er hovedbyen på øen Nuku Hiva, der er en del af Fransk Polynesien i Stillehavet. Byen ligger lige på oven på et vulkankrater, der er brast i havet og derved har skabt en bugt. Gå tur langs den lange strand eller gå på opdagelse inde på øen, der primært er dækket af græsprærie.